Lamborghini Aventador S (Black)

Rent a Lamborghini Aventador S

Has it always been your dream to drive a supercar? Why not hire a Lamborghini for a day?

The Aventador S is a theatrical supercar that combines both new and innovative machinery with classic supercar features. The result is a powerful, high-performance machine that’s guaranteed to impress, making it the perfect Lamborghini rental car for a flashy weekend. And like all great supercars this one is no stranger to speed, achieving a remarkable 0 to 6mph in just 3 seconds flat.

With a Lamborghini Aventador rental, you’ll experience fantastic handling and steering from the electronic four-wheel system. This agile machine moves to the exact command of the driver with little input required. It also has highly responsive pedals and excellent body control that allows the car to move cleanly and smoothly through the air with significant power.


A black Lamborghini Aventador S in the show room of a luxury car rental company with its headlights on and doors open.
The grey seats and wheel with yellow detailing inside of a Lamborghini Aventador S rental car.
A black Lamborghini Aventador S in the show room of a luxury car rental company.

In sleek black, this Lamborghini has a prowess that cannot be matched. With a removable roof for open-top cruising, doors that swing upwards to allow you inside and a low and impressive roar from the iconic V12 engine, the Aventador S is a truly extraordinary ride that you’ll never forget.

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