Mercedes AMG C63 S ED1 Cabriolet

Rent a Mercedes AMG Cabriolet

Want to hire a Mercedes AMG Cabriolet for the day? The Mercedes AMG C63 Cabriolet is a car with all the charm, character and sophistication you could want from a new Mercedes AMG Cabriolet supercar. In your Mercedes car hire, you’ll be treated to a highly enjoyable and thrilling ride for both driver and passengers. It’s a flashy and sophisticated Mercedes AMG Cabriolet supercar that’ll make you the envy of everyone on the road.

Behind the wheel of this Mercedes AMG Cabriolet supercar, you’ll experience incredible control to the highest degree of accuracy, with excellent steering and braking. The sports suspension and adaptive dampers make it a highly secure and comfortable ride, allowing you to use your Mercedes to its full potential both in terms of speed and driving technique. The 4.0 litre V8 engine manages to make a 0-62 mph sprint in an impressive 4.1 seconds and gives a roar like thunder.



The interior is luxurious, made of high quality materials with a great finish and is technologically savvy too. The screens are controlled by touchpad and there are parking sensors and a reversing camera to assist you in more difficult manoeuvres.

The convertible function on this Mercedes AMG Cabriolet car rental is a refined system that makes usage comfortable for driver and passengers. The fabric roof lowers in 20 seconds and there’s an automatic wind deflector to prevent discomfort. The heated seats and steering wheel and the ‘Airscarf’ heaters built into the front seats to blow warm air around your neck are useful for driving with the top down on cooler days.

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